EkkoSoft Critical SaaS 3D visualisation software now available in Benelux region

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EkkoSoft Critical SaaS 3D visualisation software now available in Benelux region

14th August 2020: Benelux-based DCONGREEN, a leader in the provision of sustainability management solutions and consultancy for data centres, is the latest addition to the rapidly-expanding EkkoSense global partner network.

DCONGREEN is focused on helping organisations to achieve more balance in their data centre ecosystem by implementing a Sustainable Cost of Ownership approach, particularly in relation to their EU 2030 sustainability targets. DCONGREEN has added EkkoSense’s EkkoSoft Critical SaaS 3D visualisation/analytics solution and Critical Things range of sensors to its portfolio of solutions.

The EkkoSoft Critical data center monitoring solution – with its proven record of reducing energy cooling costs by 20% – will be offered to the DCONGREEN client base.

DCONGREEN’s owner Johan Claes said: “EkkoSoft Critical distinguishes itself from traditional DCIM and CFID offerings because it provides organisations with a true real-time visualisation of their data centre’s thermal, capacity and power performance. Its ability to track the impact of any changes on capacity or cooling energy saving, has the potential to unlock significant cooling energy savings – providing an impressive ROI that will be attractive to our customers across the Benelux region. We expect particularly strong interest from organisations with older data centre installations, where the opportunities for performance optimisation will be significant.”

Dean Boyle, CEO of EkkoSense added: “We are obviously delighted to welcome Johan and DCONGREEN to the EkkoSense partner network, and we look forward to growing our presence across both Belgium and the broader Benelux region. Our EkkoSoft Critical solution is already delivering impressive benefits for organisations worldwide, and we have a proven record of helping our customers to reduce their data centre energy cooling costs by some 20%. It will be great to see organisations working with DCONGREEN and taking advantage of our software’s powerful capabilities.”

About EkkoSoft Critical
EkkoSoft Critical enables true real-time M&E Capacity Planning for power, cooling and space – at a fraction of the cost of expensive and complex DCIM solutions. Our powerful advanced software analytics draws on EkkoSoft Critical’s real-time data to help maximise your data centre performance.

DCONGREEN assists data centers with their sustainability management and projects. Going from BREEAM environmental assessment consultancy over thermal / energy optimizations and associated cost savings/risk mitigation in legacy data centers to modular, highly energy-efficient new designs & builds.

About EkkoSense:
EkkoSense is an industry leader in the provision of advanced sensing technology, SaaS DCIM-class visualisation & monitoring software and analytics solutions for critical facilities such as data centres. The company is committed to eliminating thermal risk and helping organisations to monitor, manage and maximise their data centre performance.