Thermal optimization

Which challenge(s) are you recognizing in your data center?

Thermal Risk? Hot spots? Compliance?

  • Cooling issues account for almost 30% of unplanned data center outages
  • ~15 % of racks are running outside of the ASHRAEE envelope guidelines.

Cooling optimization and energy savings?

  • The majority of data centers are typically only running at 34% cooling capacity.
  • 40 % of a data center’s energy consumption goes into powering its cooling systems.

Capacity planning for power, cooling & space?

  • No more space left but still power & cooling capacity? Or vice-versa?
  • Limited data center capacity leads to increased focus on optimization. Do more with less.

Remote monitoring?

  • Early warning system to reduce thermal risk, especially during the hot season
  • Visibility of thermal performance at remote or locked-down, critical sites

DCONGREEN has a partnership with EkkoSense for monitoring, planning & optimizing data center environments.

EkkoSense is an industry leader in the provision of advanced sensing technology, SaaS visualisation & monitoring software and analytics solutions for critical facilities such as data centers.

The company is committed to eliminating thermal risk and helping organisations to monitor, manage and maximise their data center performance.

Reduce Thermal Risk | Cut Cooling Costs | Increase M&E Capacity

Optimizing with ekkosense

The heart of the EkkoSense platform is a machine learning/AI engine built by PhD-level thermodynamic experts which acquires its intelligence through highly granular wireless sensors collecting thermal and humidity data as well as real-time cooling duty

Thermal Risk Removed


Cooling issues still account for almost a third of unplanned data center outages.

EkkoSoft Critical provides 100% rack-level ASHRAE thermal compliance, significantly reducing risk.

Real-time algorithms provide early warnings by highlighting potential equipment failures before service is impacted

Energy Costs Reduced


Even the best run data centers still have cooling power and capacity issues. Cooling is the second largest energy consumer.

24% average energy savings on data center cooling costs

Typical ROI of EkkoSoft Critical is less than 1 year.

Capacity Increased


The majority of data centers are typically only running at 34% cooling capacity.

EkkoSoft Critical provides real-time thermal insights to quantify true cooling capacity.

Stop unnecessary spend of new cooling systems, keep existing systems on standby and release capacity

Redefining data center optimization

The EkkoSense platform integrates very easily with any BMS System that is already in place, and provides an additional level of detail on top. The EkkoSense platform comes at a fraction of the cost of a DCIM solution and is much less complex to install and operate. Finally, EkkoSense works in real-time, on real data points, unlike CFD systems that work on theoretical calculations & values.

Critical Things®

integrated sensor technology
Internet of Things (IoT) enabled family of wireless thermal sensors

Ultra-low cost sensors with 5 year battery life


Unique cooling duty meter to show coolin gutilization for any CRAC/AHU


Integration with 3rd party BMS and power logging systems


Secure, encrypted data transmission

EkkoSoft® Critical

monitor manage maximize

Simple to deploy and easy to use


Immersive interface with real-time monitoring and alerting


Estate wide dashboard for site performance comparisons


Unique AI based cooling analytics


Intuitive M&E capacity planning


Cooling Advisor and autonomous control to drive energy savings

The EkkoSense community

  • EkkoSense is currently deployed at 300+ datacenter sites from different colocation, telco and enterprise customers including Digital Realty, Telefonica, Bloomberg, Santander, VISA, CBRE, Vodafone, JLL, GSK, BT and many other large corporations.
  • Do you want to join our community and go where other data centers have gone before
  • Read here how Digital Realty/Interxion has cut energy cooling costs by 20% in their West London datacentre through the deployment of the EkkoSense solution.